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Your partner in video production

We pride ourselves on our flexibility. Our core team can adapt to any film situation and expand to our network of preferred vendors for larger productions. With our arsenal of in-house gear you can get commercial quality for any size production.

Broadcast Commercials

Create a powerful and dynamic 30 second spot for your business

We love the challenge of telling an impactful story with every frame of the video. Don't just get your business on TV - draw emotion, make a statement, and leave a profound impression.

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Lost Coast Media has been an absolute joy to work with. The entire team brings a level of professionalism and excellence to both business and creative processes that hits the target and goes beyond.


Brand Story Videos

your story, but make it epic

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring personality to life in every video. Your brand story should be told at the first contact point for your business. Let us elevate your brand so your audience can connect on a deeper level.

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Social Media Advertising

Don't get scrolled past

We have helped companies massively grow their business and brand community through social media video content. We can help you stand out in the feed through impressive, creative, and engaging videos.

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Event Highlight & Sizzle Reels

Capture the energy of your event

An event highlight video can be just as powerful as the event itself. Our team will cover everything from live speakers/performers, cinematic shots of the venue, attendees reactions, right down to the beautiful details.

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Storytelling Showcase

Captivate a live audience

We have produced many videos whose sole purpose is to WOW an audience for one night. This is a category of video whose importance is often overlooked, but the ROI our clients experience is always reveled over.  When a client hires us to make a video to be shown at a fundraising (or any) event, we KNOW the final application and what it takes to capture and maintain the audience's attention in a very short window of time.

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